Meat-free Monday vegetable stir fry

I thought it would be a nice idea to upload a meat-free Monday meal idea every week. Not just any meat-free recipe or meal idea, but one that is quick and easy to make AND one that is approved by my children. This week I made vegetable stir-fry after my son came home from school raving about his lunch, made by a special visitor called Mr Broccoli. Mr Broccoli goes around to schools promoting a healthy life style. So after school, we stopped at Sainsbury’s and bought a pack of noodles and a stir-fry mix.

My son told me I also needed a bit of spice and some oil. How sweet he is! I knew I had some Chinese five spice and sesame oil in the cupboard at home. So when we got back from his swimming lesson I heated up the wok with some sesame oil in, chucked in the vegetable stir fry mix and stirred for around five minutes. I added a pinch of Himalayan salt and a half teaspoon of five spice. After another minute or so I added the noodles. They were the fresh kind, so they can go ‘straight to wok’. I added a table spoon of soy sauce, snipped the noodles several times with scissors (to make them easier to stir and mix up with the vegetables). After a little taste test, I decided to add another half teaspoon of five spice. I was wary not to over-do it, in case the kids disliked the flavour.

Around four minutes after I added the noodles, it was ready to serve. So dinner took me about 10 minutes in total to prepare! I sprinkled black sesame seeds on mine and my daughter’s but George didn’t want any. I enjoyed my meal very much, my six-year-old ate all of his apart from the tough bits of kale. My daughter ate half of hers, she was being a bit cheeky and climbing down from her seat and generally misbehaving.

I would say that if you are vegan and/or wheat intolerant, you could use rice noodles. Also, if you like a bit more flavour you could add a bit of chilli and garlic but I was just keeping it simple for the kids. Oh and in case you’re curious, the stir-fry mix that I bought had red, onions, red and orange peppers, cabbage, kale, carrots and bean sprouts in it.


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