Meat-free Monday vegetable stir fry

I thought it would be a nice idea to upload a meat-free Monday meal idea every week. Not just any meat-free recipe or meal idea, but one that is quick and easy to make AND one that is approved by my children. This week I made vegetable stir-fry after my son came home from school […]

Vegan, wheat-free DOUGHNUTS!

So here it is, the healthy-ish doughnut. These are oven baked, not fried and they contain no refined sugars or refined carbs, plus coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with. There’s no egg or dairy, so for any hipster/earth loving vegans – these are for you too! If you are gluten […]

A discombobulated blog.

I’m sitting in my office. It’s also a spare room. And a gym. Oh and storage facility. I desperately want to write more often, I don’t understand why I make excuses not to. There are significant moments that inspire me every day and significant events that provide fodder for blogging; like birthdays, days out, parenting […]