Extreme sports for toddlers


At the weekend we made a family trip to an indoor skate park. My two and a half year old has never been to one before, but his dad spent half of his childhood on a bmx. I love the idea of letting our little boy try new activities and once he was wearing his protective head gear I was keen to see what he made of skate boarding. We put him on the skate board and held onto his hands. He laughed as the skateboard rolled quickly out from underneath him and he landed on his tushi. We pulled him back up and showed him where to put his feet for his second try. Granted, it was ambitious of us to put him on a skateboard, but while he was having fun – we encouraged him. We are also looking forward to our first winter holiday together where we would like him to try snow boarding!

The place we went to had a separate area for under sixes and after G had had enough of skateboarding, he rode up and down the tiny ramps on his scooter. There were a few other little ones doing the same, all with a huge smile on their face. Over on the other side of the skate park was for the older kids and it was amazing to watch them perfect their tricks. Loud hip hop music boomed out of speakers dotted around and after a while I was looking forward to some peace and quiet, but it set the rhythm for the Tony Hawk wannabes.

When we were ready to leave, we sat on the side for our little skater boy to catch his breath and have a drink. He watched the big kids with wide eyes, he was captivated and I think that he is now hooked. He likes to watch people doing extreme sports on Youtube, he likes to ride his scooter when we’re out walking the dog and his dad is looking at getting a little ramp for the garden. I don’t know about that!


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