Taking a young child to a museum

Taking a young child to a museum could be a disaster. But if you time it right, be prepared and choose one that is family friendly, it can be a great way to spend time with your child. Most museums in the UK are free to enter (my favourite price). I’m not one to shy […]

Teaching a toddler to dress themselves

On a recent dinner date with some girlfriends, I had everyone at the table in stitches by telling them my latest parenting struggle. I usually hold back on talking about my son because it’s only myself and one other girl in the group who has any children and frankly, it’s nice to talk about other […]

Extreme sports for toddlers

At the weekend we made a family trip to an indoor skate park. My two and a half year old has never been to one before, but his dad spent half of his childhood on a bmx. I love the idea of letting our little boy try new activities and once he was wearing his […]