Peppa Pig Live

Peppa Pig Live

Peppa Pig’s Big Splash

Peppa Pig is the undoubtedly popular with almost all children. The Peppa Pig brand is outselling everything, including the long established and ever popular Thomas the Tank Engine. My little boy is no different. He just loves the characters and he has a few of the toys and books. When I saw that there was a Peppa Pig Live show at the Orchard Theatre about an hour from where I live, I booked tickets straight away. My son is two and a half and I thought it would be a fantastic way to introduce him to the theatre.

We arrived a bit late, but in my opinion this worked out quite well because we didn’t have to queue for anything, we just swiftly went in and took our seats. There were booster seats which was great as it meant my son could see all of the show. I took plenty of snacks for him, we almost had a bit of a picnic!

I had thought that the characters would be actors and actresses wearing Peppa Pig suits, but they were big puppets operated by the cast who wore all black trousers, shoes and long sleeves tops to help them blend into the background. The set on the stage was really bright and colourful, exactly how it looks on Peppa Pig on the TV show.  The lead role was played by Emma Grace Arrends, who lead the show as a character called Daisy. She really was a joy for the children to watch.

The predominantly toddler audience were all very excited and chatty, you might describe the noise coming from them as a dull roar, with a few unhappy kiddies, a few over enthused ones and a lot of shouting things like ‘OVER THERE’! Some on cue, some more delayed. It was not very entertaining from an adults point of view, but seeing my little one’s face light up and smile was heart melting. He joined in with all the cheering, clapping and dancing. It was very special and I am so glad I took him.

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