Tears over tiles

Textured retro tiles

Retro tiles for bathroom

Having been living in our new home for eight weeks, we have begun the renovation work. We have spruced up three houses before and here we are again, discussing our options and I’m trying to get my own way. Am I a spoilt brat, no. I do have very good taste though and I want to convince my husband to just let me choose everything.

He is a builder, a very good one too. I am lucky. In the weekend just gone, he has ripped out our existing en suite bathroom and prepared it for new tiles, shower and basin. When decorating our last house I remember standing in Topps Tiles, in tears because I wanted the pretty mosaic tiles and hubby wanted big marble tiles. We got half and half and his half looked much better. Don’t tell him I said so.

Our recent trip to the tile shop was an apprehensive one. But it turned out we both chose the same thing, yay! We chose these sort of rustic, 70’s retro chic patchwork, textured tiles in grey and beige. They sound disgusting when I describe them and until they are on the wall, in situ – they may be just so. I will keep you updated.

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