Lunchbox ideas

Rainbow lunchbox

Rainbow lunchbox

When my child first started at nursery, I had to provide a lunch for him. I took to the task with some ambition I had put aside when I became a stay at home mum. I don’t know what I expected (I do actually, some words of praise from the nursery staff) but the ongoing result is that my child enjoys his lunch. So, if that’s not encouragement enough, then stick to a cheese sandwich everyday and stop reading here.

The rainbow box

Take vegetables and salad with bright colours, cucumber, tomato, pepper, carrot and cut them into finger food size. Or some, more Frenchish people would say – Crudités. Arrange them in a tupperware (other plastic containers are available) and marry them with some breadsticks and a dip of your choice. Hummus goes down well and offers some protein. Or stuff in a few bits of ham and cheese if you have some.


My son is not a fussy eater, but if your little one is, do not be afraid. The particular samosa that I recommend is very mild. The Sainsbury’s basics samosas comes in a pack of two and cost 50p. They have potato, onion and peas inside with a smidge of seasoning. To run with the theme, pack some cucumber sticks and yogurt dip.

Pitta pocket

Take a good quality, fresh pitta and cut it in half. Stuff with whatever your off-spring enjoys, some tuna and salad perhaps. I find that if you chop up some lettuce finely and mix it with a bit of tuna and mayo, children are not horrified by the salad content.


These can offer a do-it-yourself lunch that adds a new fun dimension to lunch. I’ve witnessed my son both construct and eat a wrap and on another occasion he ate the separate components as they were. Same nutritional content I’m guessing. Strips of roast chicken fit in quite nicely.

Sausage roll

If, like me you are concerned slightly about processed foods, always check the ingredients on shop-bought lunchbox items. I am very lucky because I live near an organic bakery that does delicious sausage rolls. I say I’m lucky but it does cost me a slightly chubbier figure and a slightly lighter purse. My son also enjoys Scotch eggs and pork pies – what a good British boy.

Cold pizza

Who doesn’t like cold pizza. To be honest it is rare for any pizza to be left over in my house, but it’s so easy to put a slice or two in a lunch box the morning after pizza night. Sometimes the crust is a bit tough the next day so I trim that off and give it to the dog. Everyone’s a winner.

If you have a great lunch box idea, please comment below as I love my son to try new things. I have heaps more lunchbox ideas but I didn’t want to over-blog the subject. If you want more, please just ask 🙂

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