Easy blackberry crumble


Ripe for picking

I do love a crumble, it’s the best pudding for autumn winter. If I see it on the menu in a restaurant and they say it’s all gone, I can get quite upset. That is what happened recently and I took matters into my own hands. I thought of all the blackberries I had seen whilst out walking the dog and set out with a sandwich bag the next time we took Murray for a walk. My son thoroughly enjoyed the hunt for blackberries and he actually consumed most of them as they were picked. We did manage to save some for the crumble though.

So, in anticipation of baking, I made an easy dinner. Whilst that was cooking, I looked up a crumble recipe and deduced what were the essential ingredients. I only had around 200g of berries so the crumble was to be of an individual size. I chucked 60g of flour, 60g of brown sugar and 60g of butter into a bowl. I spent about one minute crumbling it all together with my finger tips. Washed my hands, tipped the berries into an ovenproof dish and put the crumb mix on top. As I took dinner out of the oven, I put the crumble in at 170 degrees and half an hour later it was ready. It was delicious.

Blackberry crumble

Home-made crumble, easy recipe

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